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Rachelle Wright (Hodgins)

Hi! I'm Rachelle! I was born and raised in Saskatchewan, went to University in Saskatchewan and now currently reside on our family farm in Saskatchewan (I guess you could say, I'm a real homebody haha!)
I have a real passion for agriculture, horses, and beautiful photographs and the fact I get to combine all of these and call it "work" makes this a dream job!
I have over 12 years of experience and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with Distinction from the University of Saskatchewan. Creating fine art that showcases the prairies, prairie people and rural lifestyle is what I do best! I also love creating content for businesses to use in their social media presence.
Scroll down to learn some more "fun facts" about me! I hope you stay awhile!



There was no need for fake smiles, we all had a blast! Rachelle was very relaxed and the kids hardly knew she was taking pictures.

Happy Client

fun facts

01. I am a horse addict and have been since I was little. If you ever want to talk horses, I could talk for hours! Photographing them is one of my favourite things to do.

02. I loved to barrel racing in the sbra and am currently working at getting my young horse started on barrels so i can get back at it.

03. I grew up on a mixed farm outside of Kyle sk and after living in saskatoon and biggar, i moved back to Kyle to grain farm with my family.

04. I love books, thrift stores and a good cup of coffee. I love antiques, anything vintage and am a history nerd, especially Saskatchewan history. If you take me to an old farm yard site, I will probably ask you too many questions about it's history.

05. I am a mom to two littles, a boy and a girl.

06. I am a bit of a self proclaimed "crazy chicken lady." My only advice to anyone that is thinking about getting chickens is: prepare to be addicted and build your coop bigger than what you think you will need.

07. Art has always been an important part of my life and photography is my favourite way to create it. I majored in studio art and minored in art history in university.

08. I feel most at home on the saskatchewan prairie. there is just something about prairie grass that feeds my soul and makes me feel at peace. if you know, you know!

09. I feel so fortunate to live near a little prairie lake and to spend my summers there with my family.


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